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#51 2013-09-26 21:50:13

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Re: Cooling down DNS320

Hi everybody,

Since I have my DNS-320, I've experienced like some of you some accoustic troubles, and I've decided to stop the noise made by the fan (there's 2 years now!).

There are some pictures of the final result, and few explications :
Unfortunatelly, I haven't take pictures of every step of the process...


To sum up, I've took off the little part of steel (on whom the fan was screwed), and drawn which parts of the metal cage I have had to cut out. I did the same for the plastic box, while thinking to allow space for screw holes! I've removed the bit of plastic and steel that I've cut, and screwed the new fan on the inside of the plastic box.

I've selected the fan for it's thinness (1.5 cm) ; but not for it's ability to run at 5V, maybe I've got some luck... It's a [url=http://http://hipergroup.com/products.php?lv=3&cate=15&type=19&pid=55&language=fr]HIPER HFF-1W08W fan[url/] that costed me 3.95€ (not sold anymore?). And, I've set it on manuel (always high), to prevent it from not spin.

Finally, sorry for my english, I'm french! smile

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#52 2015-06-27 13:25:53

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Re: Cooling down DNS320

Here is a simple solution how to get 12V (instead of 5V) for the fan from the DNS-320 board.
You need to resolder the inductor from position L1 to L2. Voila.
See image.



#53 2016-06-25 17:47:02

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Re: Cooling down DNS320

Hi everyone,

I tried to resolder the inductor from L1 to L2...
Unfortunately, I broke it when desoldering.
I want to buy another inductor but I don't know the inductor value needed.
Do you have any idea on the value of the inductor ? or if it really matter (meaning that I can replace the inductor with another value than the original one) ?

Thank you



#54 2016-07-13 20:32:08

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Re: Cooling down DNS320


Same problem here. Guess my soldering iron wasn't hot enough, I lost patience and voilà.
@M4g1c1eN : did you get an answer somewhere else, or had the problem fixed by someone ?



#55 2016-08-26 23:54:07

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Re: Cooling down DNS320

Like suggested i replace with a external fan.
Inside a normal 80x80x25mm won't feet, and external is easy to get a 5V fan connect with the usual 3pin.
A Lot quieter and cooler too smile



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