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#1 2012-03-09 21:23:09

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dns-320 command-line interface


I am a happy user of nas d-link sharecenter dns-320 (pulse)

Usually I use this through its web interface, but since I'm
also a happy linux user that always prefers to use
software in command-line so I created a simple script
management p2p functionality(for now) of my NAS.
I created a Mercurial repository on Bitbucket to this address:


You can download it and use it freely, hopefully useful, for example via
to check your NAS remotely through a linux server.

I hope to use it than you think to help me to add new
useful features, in a short time to cover all aspects of the NAS.

Happy Hacking



#2 2012-03-17 19:38:39

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Re: dns-320 command-line interface

Nice post! It is really an amazing post. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up.



#3 2012-03-18 21:05:48

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Re: dns-320 command-line interface

constantly these days im adding other new features, for now:

Usage: pulse.php OPTIONS [host[:port]]
       host                       hostname or ip target, default: pulse
       port                       port number for host, default: 80
       -p,--p2p[=on|off]          get or set p2p client state
       -c,--p2p-clear             clear p2p complete list
       -l,--p2p-limit[=down[,up]] get or set p2p speed limit, unlimit: -1
       -D,--download[=url]        list or add url in http downloader
       -C,--download-clear        clear complete http downloads list
       -L,--download-list[=file]  add urls from file list
       -n,--nfs[=on|off]          get or set nfs service
       -f,--ftp[=on|off]          get or set ftp service
       -t,--temp                  get temperature inside
       -T,--time                  get date and time of nas
       -F,--fan[=off|low|high]    get or set fan mode
       -u,--ups                   get ups state
       -d,--disks                 get disks usage
       -s,--shutdown              power off the system
       -r,--restart               restart the system
       -h,--help                  print this help

this is a simple output example:

$ ./pulse.php -d -D -t -T -f -u -p

DISKS:    2
Volume_2: 69.74GB
  Free: 45.03GB
  Used: 35%
Volume_1: 893.51GB
  Free: 172.79GB
  Used: 81%

Download    2%    479 KBps        debian-6.0.4-i386-CD-1.iso

TIME:    18/3/2012, 0:2:48
FAN:    off
UPS:    On Line
Battery: 100

P2P: On
Speed:  5.1 KBps / 19.4 KBps
Limits: 100 KBps / 100 KBps
Torrents: 6
  Complete    100.0%    0.1 KBps / 0.1 KBps    file1.avi
  Download    25.7%    0.0 KBps / 0.0 KBps    file2.avi
  Download    0.0%    0.0 KBps / 0.0 KBps    file3.avi
  Download    15.9%    0.2 KBps / 7.6 KBps    file4.avi
  Download    66.5%    1.6 KBps / 11  KBps    file5.avi
  Download    7.6%    3.5 KBps / 0.1 KBps    file6.avi

FTP: Off

P2P:      Volume_2/P2P    *,rw
Volume_2: Volume_2        *,rw,recycle
Volume_1: Volume_1        *,rw,recycle

if anyone wants to collaborate by adding changes to the repo, can send me your email bitbucket in this project:



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