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#1 2017-04-21 07:08:07

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Package installation issues


   Got 0.7 on a dns-323.. been running for years, but never did that much with it outside of getting SSH running and getting miniDLNA running... that was all a few years ago, so I don't really remember whatever packages were prerequisites for miniDLNA, but I believe there were a few.

  Trying to get some new stuff running now... and I'm hitting some problems.. not sure if they're all related...

First, I added 3 new repositories to the slacker list based on instructions on a couple sites:
mz    http://downloads.zyxel.nas-central.org/ … s/0.7/oabi
memiks    http://ffp.memiks.fr/pkg/oarm/
uli    rsync://funplug.wolf-u.li/funplug/0.7/oabi/packages

When it tried to download the checksum files from the http sites, it gave me an error that -N was not a supported option for wget.  I backed those out and now it's just the basic "S" repository listed.

"slacker -a" launches the installer interface, and have a bunch of things as if it's got a package list, but they're all just:
[ ] install 
with no package name next to any of them.

So I decided to try to download the packages I needed directly and try to use funpkg... just trying to get perl and the modules running.. so I downloaded them to:

But funpkg -i perl*    give me:
tar: invalid gzip magic
FATAL: perl-5.14.2-oarm-2.txz: Failed to unpack package

Anyway.. getting past my knowledge base here... any ideas?

Thanks in advance



#2 Yesterday 14:46:22

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Re: Package installation issues

In both cases I think the firmware versions of wget and tar are called. The ffp version of wget supports the '-N' option, the firmware (busybox) version doesn't. The same if true for tar. You provide a txz file, which is xz compressed. The ffp tar supports that, but the firmware tar (also busybox) doesn't, and it seems it tries to gunzip it. (Although it's not clear to me how funpkg invokes tar).

Maybe your $PATH first has /bin and then /ffp/bin? In that case the wrong tools are invoked.



#3 Today 06:56:36

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Re: Package installation issues

Thank you for the reply!  I was hoping that would be an easy fix.. unfortunately, the path variable looks to be correct below - right?

echo $PATH



#4 Today 07:19:18

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Re: Package installation issues

Additionally... hrrrmmm:

:/mnt/HD_a2/ffp/funpkg/packages# which wget

:/mnt/HD_a2/ffp/funpkg/packages# which tar



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