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Drive Swap Question/Problem

By no means am I even remotely an expert at ALT-F, I am where I am today because of the fantastic direction many of you here have given over the years that have allowed me to enjoy having ALT-F on my DNS-323. I thank you all for your input.
   Recently I noticed that my RAID 1 array was degraded and found that one of my drives (sda) went bad. I purchased two Seagate 1TB IronWolf NAS SATA 6Gb/s NCQ 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Hard Drives (ST1000VN002) in the hopes that I could swap the two old drives out. I found this page https://sourceforge.net/p/alt-f/wiki/Ho … 1%20array/ detailing how to fix a degraded array, but when I get to step F it all begins to unravel.
   When it says: 1. under "Component Operations", under "Partition" select the new partition, sdb2 in the example, 2. under "Operation" select "add", I go there but the new partition doesn't show at all, just the one old drive (sdb) that still has my data on it.
   Any help would truly be appreciated.



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