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#1 2016-03-22 01:05:40

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ps / procps HZ issue - ffp0.7 patch applied?


I am having a problem with ps - I get this displayed every time I call it: "Unknown HZ value! (0) Assume 100.".  It is breaking scripts.

I didn't have problem with ps in ffp0.5 (ps is a symlink to busybox there, but isn't included in ffp0.7 busybox).  I have been searching for the issue and it looks like it may be something to do with uptime.  By copying the ffp0.5 busybox to a different directory, renaming it to ps, and calling it by specifying the full path, scripts work again. 

I see that in http://ffp.inreto.de/ffp/0.7/oabi/src/procps/ there is a procps-3.2.8-fix_HZ_errors-1.patch, but when I do /ffp/bin/ps -V in ffp0.7 I get

Unknown HZ value! (0) Assume 100.
procps version 3.2.8

/ffp/funpkg/installed lists procps-3.2.8-oarm-2

I am assuming this patch fixes the problem because the description of the file is "Fixes "unknown HZ value (##)" errors in procps utils." (I haven't found anything further on it), but was this patch not applied when ffp0.7 was compiled?  props.funpkg suggests it was applied - "patch -p1 -i $X/procps-3.2.8-fix_HZ_errors-1.patch"?  I don't have a build environment installed so I am looking for a pre-built ffp0.7 (dns-323 oabi) package at the moment that will solve this, also knowing how to check whether the patch was applied to the installed ffp would be useful.




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