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RAID1 on DNS323

Hi, i wonder whether anyone has experienced the problem which i have been encountering since i purchased a secondhand DNS323 with 2x 2Gb WD20EARS disks.  the firmware is 1.10.

i am trying to configure as RAID1 ....i manage to format and copy data....all ok.
then i try to simulate a disk failure by plugging out one of the disks......RAID is showing DEGRADED but the data is accessible.
Then i re-insert the drive, reboot the NAS and manually click to rebuild the RAID.  The problem is that it starts SYNCHRONISING but never stops....and i mean, i tried to leave it even for 3 days!
using EXT2 youwill have the remaining time constantly changing from 200 minutes to 16000 minutes!!!
with EXT3 you will have the remaining time 'stable' around the 300 minute mark, but still never does the job!

the drives themselves are ok, have run some scans.

anybody can shed some light?
thanks in advance



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