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#1 2013-03-24 19:13:21

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Mixing Alt-F and FFP

Wow, stumbled onto Alt-F the day it hit R3. I have been using fun_plug for years now. Fairly seamless install onto a DNS-323 revB1.  I used the flash install, truly beautiful. 

Yes, there is a bit of a wait for the deep checking of the hard disks, valid reasons to wait are acceptable.

I had static IP prior. Using ssh-keyscan -t rsa and then editing ~/.ssh/known_hosts and I was in business of acessing via ssh.  Sweet.  Ssh key now in flash memory I believe. 

http://serverfault.com/questions/321167 … r-hostname

After playing around, I cleared out /mnt/sda2,  turned off the DNS and then restarted and formatted /mnt/sda2 to ext3 with a deletion of the /mnt/sda4 the partition.  Very smooth.  I reinstalled Alt-f and also installed FFP_0.7  I could still ssh into the DNS. Of course I added under FFP less and man.  After a shutdown and restart the command   "man less"  gives me a man file for a FFP binary - but "man parted" for the Alt-F binary yields nothing.  That is good.  "ipkg info parted" yields the proper response. 

I can wait for ncdu and fdupes to make it to FFP_0.7  or maybe try compiling.   A pox on unison and it's huge difficulty to compile.  I did get ocaml once to compile, but over the last > 1 year I had no luck and saw no one else with luck compiling it.  Back to rsync for me. 


1.  Is it a good rule of thumb to always go with the Alt-F .ipk's versus the FFP .ipk's?  Saying it another way, my guess it that the binaries in flash in bin should always be the only version of that binary.  When faced with a choice of a binary that would reside in /mnt/sda2/Alt-F/usr/bin versus a binary that would reside in /mnt/sda2/ffp/bin I would go with the Alt-F version - even if it is older than the ffp version.



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