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#1 2013-01-06 02:33:45

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Swapping Volume 1 with Volume 2 and making it Volume 1

I have gradually upgraded over the years, started out with the DNS323 and then went to the DNS325.  On both of them I could use rsync and back up everything up from Volume 1 to Volume 2.  I could take out volume 1 and put in volume 2 and it would become volume 1 and life was good.  This is how I kept everything updated and backed up.  If I crashed a hard drive I had a backup of all the data.

Now comes along my lasted addition, I got a DNS345 (yes, it's not a DNS343 but perhaps the 343 and the 345 have similar issues and so far I can't find a forum for the 345).  I can't take the drives from the 325 and put in the 345 or the other way around.  This of course is not ideal but OK, I can live with it.  Now comes the other problem, on the DNS345 I can't take volume 2 out and put it in volume 1's slot and have a good backup for volume 1.  To recover from a failure I would have to have another drive, format it, reinstall funplug, then rsync back from volume 2 to volume 1 to recover.

So my question is, how does one rename the volumes such that the Volume 2 can become Volume 1?  Anyone know of a way to get the DNS 325 to see drives from the 345 and vice-versa?

Is it just a matter of unmounting the drive and remounting it, or is this really going to mess things up.



#2 2013-01-29 10:26:48

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Re: Swapping Volume 1 with Volume 2 and making it Volume 1

I have not tried that.

I would think asking here is ok -- the 345 looks like the upgraded 343 anyway.


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