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#1 2012-10-02 15:17:03

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OMG. Multiple Power cycles wiped a lot of /etc files.

I had to do multiple power cycles in quick succession, I also have me little mod in the pcb that switches the NAS on a few seconds after the power is restored.

Unfortunately, doing that has wiped a load of files frmo /etc.

passwd is gone
group is gone.
shadow is gone.

Who knows what else is gone.

The netowkr has no IP address.

Luckily I have the serial cable soldered to the pcb so I can at least get into it via putty on the com port.

I would prefer not to have to factory reset this so has anyone got a default complete /etc directory without your own usernames please?

I tried to do a factory reset and although putty counts down to the factory reset, it doesn't actually do it, but maybe I am not holding the reset button in long enough. I think that sometimes when I rty this, I just get constant dcc messages in putty.

Help greatly apprecaited of course wink.

Thank you.



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