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#1 2012-05-09 09:59:13

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Can't Save settings no matter what I try (Alt-F 0.1 RC2)

I have a DNS-323 B1 with the Alt-F 0.1 RC2 firmware.

I did originally use Alt-F to install Debian, but then found that it was a pretty pointless exercise, given that after a reboot it boots directly into Alt-F.

Since I need to export a file system over NFS4, I figured that I'd just set it up in Alt-F and abandon the wasted Debian install instead. The problem is that having set up the firmware settings carefully, if I try to save them by going to System > Settings > SaveSettings I get a javascript alert saying "Error saving settings! No flash space available.".

I saved the settings to disk instead and restore them each time I boot, which makes the solution just as clumsy as having to login to Alt-F each morning, to boot Debian!

It's a shame. The whole concept is a great idea, but it seems like every possible way I try to use this, I find some major bug or limitation, preventing me from doing anything useful with it.

Any help would be great! Thanks.

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#2 2012-05-10 16:50:36

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Re: Can't Save settings no matter what I try (Alt-F 0.1 RC2)

There are actually some built-in help pages into Alt-F, which I had not managed to find until Joao of the Google Group discussion of Alt-F waded in and pointed them out.

For anyone with the same problem as me, I have pasted the help page which helped me to resolve it (basically, I pressed the "Clear Settings" button on the Settings page, which cleared a bunch of space in the flash memory and allowed me to successfully save my settings in the cleared space.

Here's the text:

Settings Management Help
The changes you make to Alt-F configuration, using its administrative web page, reside in memory and must be save into non-volatile flash-memory in order to survive reboots or power-off.

When configuration files are changed, a When done you should save settings warning appears under all the web pages title, reminding you to save the changes when you are satisfied with the results; you don't have to save changes immediately. If you hold the mouse pointer on top of the warning, a popup window will show you the files that have changed and needs to be saved.

The amount of available flash memory for storing settings is low, and that space is shared with the vendor's firmware settings.
Alt-F doesn't delete the vendor's settings, either because they are needed to boot the box if you have not yet flashed Alt-F, or to keep your old environment in the eventuality that you decide to return to the vendor's firmware, flashing it from within Alt-F.
Depending on the current Alt-F and vendor's settings, there can be not enough flash memory to save Alt-F settings when you try to do it; if this is the case, you have to decide if you still need the vendor's settings and erase them. Don't do it if you have not flashed Alt-F, or on reboot the box will behave as if a factory reset happened.

In any case, when reflashing the vendor's firmware back, Alt-F offers you the possibility of restoring the vendor's settings from an alternative flash memory location, or in alternative to use the vendor's firmware defaults.

Alt-F has an emergency/last resort way of clearing settings to default values: press and keep pressing the box back button for more than twenty seconds (both leds will be flashing twice a second) -- all settings will be erased and a reboot will happen. Read Temperature, Fan and Buttons Setup, near the end.

In this page upper section, Flash Memory, you can

    SaveSettings: the current in-memory settings are saved into flash-memory. Several sets of Alt-F settings can coexist, tagged with the date and hour of the save operation; if necessary the older is deleted in order to provide space for the new set.
    LoadSettings: You have to select one of the available sets using the Select one button. The stored settings will be loaded in memory and become effective immediately; however, most running services will not recognize configuration changes until they are restarted. You might restart then all using System->Utilities->Services->RestartAll. The box IP and name might change.
    ClearSettings: the flash-memory used to store settings will be wiped, removing all vendor's and Alt-F settings. Current in-memory settings will not be cleared, and you might want to SaveSettings afterward, or on the next reboot the box will use Alt-F "factory" settings.

In the lower section, Computer Disk, you can

    Save current settings to file: you can store the current settings in your computer disk as a compressed tar archive using the Download button. Keep the file safe, as passwords will be available for anyone reading it.
    Load settings from file: using the Browse button you have to select a file in your computer that you have previously saved, and hitting the Upload button, the settings will be transferred to the box and will became effective immediately; the box IP might change.



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