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#1 2012-04-09 13:47:43

From: cantabria (españa)
Registered: 2009-06-28
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how to install twonky media server 6.0.31-RC6

All this, with my dns 313, funplugged and through telnet with putty:

mkdir -p /ffp/opt/twonky/data/
cd /ffp/opt/twonky
wget http://www.twonkyforum.com/downloads/6. … 31-RC6.zip
unzip twonkymedia-armel-glibc-*.zip
rm twonkymedia.sh twonkymedia-armel-glibc-*.zip
chmod +x twonkymedia twonkymediaserver plugins/* cgi-bin/*

then :

wget http://wolf-u.li/u/186 -O /ffp/start/twonky.sh
wget http://wolf-u.li/u/187 -O /ffp/opt/twonky/twonkymedia-server-default.ini

and :

sed -i -e 's/+A|\/HD_a2,+A|\/HD_b2/+A|\/HD_a2\/share\/media/g' twonkymedia-server-default.ini
sed -i -e 's/Twonky by wolf-u.li/DNS313/g' twonkymedia-server-default.ini

Start the server and check twonky configuration  in http://ip-dns313:9000/

sh /ffp/start/twonky.sh start

Start the server with every reboot of the NAS:

chmod +x /ffp/start/twonky.sh

its all



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