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#1 2012-03-08 20:01:09

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Help : Upgrade firmware of NSA220 Plus (LE) to NSA220 Plus

I've 2 question about NSA that i didn't found on google...

1) I'll know if it's possibile to upgrade my actual firmware V3.13(AFS.0) of NSA220 Plus (Logging Edition) to the last one v3.24(AFG.0)C0 of the standard NSA220 Plus.

2) It's possibile to use the "Wake on Lan" function of ethernet ?

Thanks to everybody



#2 2012-03-08 22:16:26

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Re: Help : Upgrade firmware of NSA220 Plus (LE) to NSA220 Plus

1) I *think* it can be done, but it's risky. When it fails the box will be bricked.
As you will know, the hardware of the LE is identical to the standard version, the only difference is in the software. (As far as I know). Yet the software will refuse to load a non-LE update.
It's also possible to bypass the webinterface updater, by using an USB stick. For the 220 ZyXEL has provided a script for an USB stick twice, I think you can find one in NSA-220_3.22(AFB.1)C0.zip here. This script checks if the box has the right version, and then flashes the firmware. You could pull the check, and exchange the firmware by a 220+ version. When you change the script, you should also change the checksumfile. Details here.
When you brick your box this way, it's all your fault.

2) You want to wakeup the box? That won't work, as the NIC just doesn't support it. If you want to use the box to wakeup other equipment, yes, that can be done. Create an FFP-Stick, and install the busybox-netutils package, which contains the ether-wake tool.

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