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#1 2012-03-02 18:27:16

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DNS-323 Native Debian Won't Boot, Next Steps?

I have been using this baby for over 2years now, running Debian native on it. Few days back, power got cut off unexpectedly, and now it won't boot. Obviously there is something wrong. The current situation is that the power light comes up, then the HDD lights blink for a while and that is it. I can't see any trace of network activity, my router says it did not see DHCP request which probably means debian is not booting to level 3.

So I am wondering what are the next steps? I have important data on the drives which I would like to keep. Of course I can get the disks out and mount them somewhere else to get the data. However it would be ideal if I can work out what is wrong with this thing so that I can feeexxx it. Your help is appreciated, Thanks.




#2 2012-03-20 14:45:14

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Re: DNS-323 Native Debian Won't Boot, Next Steps?

if you have many files on it and no ext4, it might just be a really long fsck. it that does not help, remove the drive with the os and check the boot log.



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