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#1 2012-02-23 10:54:50

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NFS with DNS-313 & Mint & WDTVLive

I enabled ffp 0.5 unfsd autostart on DNS-313, which created exports file.

I mounted NFS share from wdtvlive, without any options, default mounts as readonly which is ok for me. It's working great, playing smoothly even highest bitrates.

I also auto mount the same NFS share from Mint with rw option, added the appropriate line to /etc/fstab. This was also working for a week as expected, read, write, speed...

But since yesterday from Mint I'm getting input output errors on copying or creating emtpy files (although I can create folders). Through NAS web interface when I run scan disk I can see NTFS inconsistency errors, when I try to repair them web page returns no feedback after 30 seconds; and the scan disc button returns same error again. When trying to write from Mint to NAS using SMB network share I'm getting the same error. At the same time wdtvlive still reads NFS mounted files from NAS perfectly.

Then I tried to copy from Windows to NAS (mapped as a network drive), no problems at all, no errors, everything is playable afterwards.

Now... I need some advice if I did something wrong in NFS mounting from 2 different machines, maybe fstab line should be different from Mint or it should not exist at all if it corrupted the ntfs partition?

My conclusion is that, knowing that NTFS writing is buggy from every Linux, some NTFS errors emerged on the storage drive and Linux sees them since it's NFS mounted and denies to write to it, on the other hand Windows doesn't see them and the NAS lets him since the errors aren't critical.

As a temporary solution, should I run fsck from the NAS itself or repair the partition from windows scan disk tool when I connect the enclosure to it by usb?

Can a permanent solution be - converting the storage partition from NTFS to Ext2, is it possible?

Thanks in advance...



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