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#1 2012-02-22 05:38:01

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alt-f4 and Samba permissions issues

My DNS-323 has been using fun plug for awhile. I decided to give the Alt F4 a go today. For the most part it went fine, but I am seeing some strangeness with Samba and permissions to the shares.  Needless to say I did not format my drives, so we're dealing with essentially a new OS reading an existing disk that was created by another OS.

Basically if I create a brand new directory, the share works fine. And I'm talking about wide open public shares here, no authentication, no nothing. It's just my home network after all.

But if I try to use an existing directory with data in it, the share will not connect and it seems related to permissions on the linux side, not the samba side. I've tried "force user", and a whole slew of other options including creating new directories and copying thousands of files from the existing ones to the new ones.

I know my workaround could be to recreate the top level directories, make shares, and move the stuff back to my Windows box only to copy it back to the NAS via the new shares. Seems like a lot of unnecessary work. Not to mention time. We're talking 500GB+ here.

Any help is appreciated.



#2 2012-03-01 00:15:58

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Re: alt-f4 and Samba permissions issues

Probably the filesystem folder permissions are not appropriate; samba is restricted to use the folders permissions and can't override them.

You can use Setup->Directories to change its permissions, without the need to copy/move data.

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