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#1 2012-02-19 19:57:35

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Some additional packages for funplug 0.5

I started buildung some packages for funplug 0.5 which i was currently missing.

Perhaps anyone else could make use of them too.


First i needed perl in path, which was not the case with the current package.
Rebuilding the old perl also failed because the download url was invalid.
So i build a new perl 5.10 with perl in path
WARNING: Perl modules build with perl 5.8 dont work with this 5.10 version, you have to rebuild them!

Download link:

Surprisingly there was no git version anywhere for this environment, so compiled one.

It can be found here:

Later on i want to compile certain tools using CMake, so i made an actual cmake build for funplug 0.5.

Look here:

I will continue building new packages, my final target is to get the eiskaltdcpp-daemon running on funplug, but therefore there are much depencies to fullfill.

Last but not least: Thank you fonz and uli for a great tool and great tutorials!



#2 2012-07-22 18:45:34

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Re: Some additional packages for funplug 0.5


first of all a big thanks for that!

But can you tell me how you managed to compile it? I first tried myself (because I thought that I already have some experience) before getting to this page, but failed over and over. Compiling on the NAS itself (in my case a Conceptronic CH3MNAS) failed while compiling, and cross-compiling on a VMware linux failed after installation of the resulting funplug package (error saying "unexpected "&", expecting ")"", or so).

thanks again



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