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#1 2012-02-09 00:34:38

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WDLXTV and DNS-313

Many regards to all the forum users here...!

I just got my DNS-313, hw ver 2.0, rev B (as seen on the box), have the latest official firmware "dns-313v3_2009.07.30-1039__2.00b11v3".
I configured it per instructions and everything runs fine, gave it a static IP, read/write from Win and Linux are fine for my hard wired ethernet 100 mbit LAN, meaning 10/7 mb.

Both from Linux and Win avi runs smoothly, but it's slugish from my wdtvlive which is run by the custom brad fw. I also tried the UPNP media server and the wdtv starts immediatelly and plays smoothly, but it doesn't support subtitles.

I didn't try cifs mounting, cause I often power the devices down, wdtv used to freeze when doesn't find the host, I tried it before with cifs/nfs mounting from Linux.

I know what I want from my NAS, the opposite, too. I don't need torrents, scheduled downloads, ftp... just want samba share and smooth playback, perhaps media server for music, if available - streaming from internet radio direct urls and stream recording, but most of all hdd hibernation, and generally secure overall power and cooling functions.

I would also like to change fs from NTFS to EXT3, cause I know ntfs write support is almost buggy under Linux.

Now I need some help, cause I didn't find any noob starting thread here. What should you advise me... should I try with different brad fw first, or should I go for an alternative NAS firmware? Where should I start if I decide to upgrade to fun_plug?

Thanks in advance, keep up the good work...



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