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#1 2010-11-07 22:59:01

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DSM-G600 USB drive formats


I am trying to add storage to my DSM-G600.  I bought a WD 2gb USB drive. it was pre-formatted with NTFS.  The DSM found it and I could read from it, but not write.  I assumed that was because it was NTFS (from the DSM docs online, etc).  So I used G-parted to reformat to both EXT3 and EXT2.  In either case the DSM would not even find it now.

When it was formatted with NTFS, I could mount it, but not use the DSM drive utility to reformat to EXT2/3 (it would not show up in the drop down). 

I popped in a USB flash drive (FAT32) and it mounted and I could read and write.  I could also see in the DSM disk utility in the drop down to reformat it.

Any idea why the problems with the WD USB drive?  Any sugguestions on how to format it so the DSM will mount it (other than NTFS, which is read only)?




#2 2010-11-08 09:28:39

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Re: DSM-G600 USB drive formats

You have to format it to ext3 with -I 128 parameter.

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