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#1 2010-08-27 11:17:37

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Java Virtual Machine on native DSM Linux 2.4


I confirm that jamvm 1.4.2 works with gnu-classpath-0.20. Everything is compiled with uclibc toolchain posted on the site. Code is compiled with jikes-1.2.2. Comparing to javac, jikes is much faster. You must also compile libz.

I just tested a Hello World java program but I will try to install a tomcat server to see if it really works. For small programs written in java I thing is enough. Loading time of the virtual machine is 5-6 seconds (it's a great time for a 603e proc). If you need support for java with dsm g600 you can post here questions.

On the web are few discussions about ARM compilation stage but none for PowerPC. Maybe someone is interested in this.



#2 2011-07-15 02:08:51

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Re: Java Virtual Machine on native DSM Linux 2.4

Hi, did you get tomcat running on your nas? I'm trying to get it going on the dns-320 without much luck. I've got jamvm installed but get several errors when I try to start tomcat. Thanks...



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