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#1 2009-07-10 07:40:18

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Total newb DSM issues

Hey there,

Sorry if the answer to this problem is obvious but assiduous Googling hasn't resulted in a solution.

I picked up a used DSM-G600 off Ebay. To install in it, I have a 120 GB Seagate drive.

The drive was previously formatted as a single partition in a Windows box. I pulled the drive, stuck it in the G600, and fired it up. The power LED blinks for a while, the HDD LED blinks once, maybe twice, a few seconds pass, then the power LED goes solid.

Problem: I have no LAN LED at all, and can't get the device to show up on my LAN.

I tried deleting the partition off the drive, to see if that was the problem -- no change. I played with the jumper settings -- no change. I tried restarting, resetting, unplugging -- no change. Tried swapping Ethernet cables -- no change.

So... has anyone had a problem like this? What is the behavior of the device if the HDD isn't recognized; for example, would I still get a LAN light? Should I get a LAN light any time the LAN is plugged in? I don't have a light on the router either, leading me to believe that maybe the LAN port is busted, but I want to try and confirm that this is the problem.

Thanks for any help.



#2 2009-07-10 10:46:12

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Re: Total newb DSM issues

See if lan plug has some corrosion on plug pids.

Don't install any hdd, power up your DSM-G600 and see if lan is working. Then try to reset settings to default using reset button. If it does not help, then serial console might be only way to debug this problem.

If lan chips is in fact busted then you might be able to use usb-lan adapter. If you know what to do then it should not be to hard. Pegasus based usb-lan adapters are nicely supported by linux kernel so you can crosscompile module for it and use fun_plug to load it and configure network settings.

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#3 2009-07-11 00:41:06

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Re: Total newb DSM issues

Thanks. It seems like the LAN is busted, so I'm just going to return it and get another one. Bummer that this effectively bricks it.



#4 2013-02-08 20:07:53

Yamashita Ren
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Re: Total newb DSM issues

Recently, I decided to use again my DSM-G600 who was sleeping in a box.
However, the LAN doesn't seems to work anymore.
When I power-up the NAS, the Power led is blinking then goes solid and then the HDD led become orange (even if there isn't any HDD inside).
LAN led doesn't even light up once.

Plug pids seems to be OK.
Do you think that it's the same problem (LAN busted) ?

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