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#1 2007-04-03 06:05:13

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smtp email

I'm trying to figure out the /usr/sbin/email executable.    I'd like to use it in my cron script to notify me when a job is done... but i can't figure out the syntax.  It's used by the web gui to send notification emails, and i think is a nonstandard app.


# email -h
email: option requires an argument -- h
email v1.02.02212006
usage: email -m mode [-s Saddr] [-d Daddr] [-h HostServer] [-p port] 
             [-a auth] [-u uname] [-w passwd] [-i interval] [-t test]
             [-c capacity] [-f free]

I tried piping a test message to it using sender/destination address, smpt host and port... which is all i should need, but nothing get's sent... and there is no diagnostic message.

There is an /etc/email.conf file... but doens't reveal much.

Does anyone know if i can use this to send e-mails out ?  or should i look at compiling an alternative... if so, any suggestions what app i should use that would work best with the DNS-323 ?

Would the ssmtp app as part of the busybox tinyutils be better ? 

Thanks in advance...

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#2 2007-06-09 20:05:51

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Re: smtp email

Has anyone figured out how to make the DNS-323 send an email triggered by a user script?

Anyone tried compiling ssmtp ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/s/ssmtp  for the DNS-323?

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#3 2007-11-05 18:50:35

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Re: smtp email

I was able to successfully have the /usr/sbin/email program work in test mode.  Here's the command-line I used, based on the /etc/email.conf values that the web interface fills in:


/usr/sbin/email -m 38 -s fromdns323@mydomain.com -d whoitsto@company.com -h smtp.usfamily.net -p 25 -a 1 -u myuser@usfamily.net -w mypassword -i 0 -t test

I played around with trying to have it send my own specified message body, but I could only get it to send the test message.

Fortunately, I found an alternative (telnet) that works just fine for sending emails triggered by scripts.  Here's the thread with details:

http://forum.dsmg600.info/t1145-Script- … enent.html



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