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#1 2007-01-30 09:05:59

From: Dijon (France)
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What name and what licence for the new firmware

Now we have ,thanks to beatie, sala and all, we have the first openfirmware.

This firmware family will includes corrections and rewrite of part of the orginal DSM software (take a look at the awful /etc/hotplug/usbmount !.)
All this work may be usefull for D-link to enhance their product. So I think we need a kind of licence for this work. Something like "ok D-link you can take our work for your comercial product but you may improve your product in this way". For example make a kit to make this box less noisy wink



#2 2007-01-30 09:35:02

Member / Developer
From: West Coast, USA
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Re: What name and what licence for the new firmware

I had thought this a little, but really the actual code I generated is pretty small.  I seriously doubt that D-Link has the good sense to use anything sala or I have produced.  I'm not all that in love with the GPL, but it's as good as any I suppose.



#3 2007-01-31 09:39:25

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Re: What name and what licence for the new firmware

There is only one license we can use and it is GPL, at least for most part we must.
As of D-Link, I am sure that they don't care less what we are doing. If they do care, then I think they would release all sources to DSM-G600 and not holding back some 10-20 line .c files, that they use to compile little utility's which holds this piece of crap software together.

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