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#1 2008-01-17 10:55:31

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Beginners questions in compiling/debianizing a TS-I300W


I am new to this device - and new to embedded linux. Although I have some basic/advanced knowledge on a PC linux system, I have some problems understanding how to get different software to work on the TS-I300W.

Some specific really basic questions right before I start experimenting, hoping that somebody is willing to answer:
1) The DSM-G600 is talking about setting up a Debian chroot. What is this chroot for? (Just) Compiling other binaries of also as some kind of replacement?
1a) If latter is the case, how do I start the chroot environment from fun_plug in general? Do I kill the ftp and the upnp servers and restart them in the chroot environment?
1b) If it is about compiling: Is it correct that most/all configure scripts should detect the 486 and ulibc environment and compile the binary accordingly? Could I also use debian source packages and simply recompile them?
2) In the wiki you say, that for the DSM-G600 you need the file debootstrap- Is this a modified version of the debian debootstrap file because I thought that it is platform-independent? What is the reason not to take the latest version? And what about the uclibc compatibility?

If those questions are too basic, it would be nice if you could at least give me a link as hint where to read out basics on debootstrap, cross compiling etc.

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#2 2008-01-18 09:06:10

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Re: Beginners questions in compiling/debianizing a TS-I300W

chroot is needed to switch into some already working linux distribution, for example gentoo or debian, to get access tons of packages without cross-compiling. You can think of it as some virtual machine which shares same /dev and /proc with firmware.
cross-compiling is mostly need for making binaries for your device using your desctop pc, so you could just copy these binaries to your device and avoid using chroot.
debootstrap has one binary in it which must be working with your firmware.

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#3 2008-01-18 11:44:19

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Re: Beginners questions in compiling/debianizing a TS-I300W

Thank you for your clarification.
If I understand right, the cross-compiling is a must because otherwise I will not get the appropriate binary, or is it sufficient to download the actual debootstrap for i386?
What about the other debian packages? Will I be able to use them directly or are the i386 packages compiled for i586?
How do you start the chroot environment? From within the fun_plug script or do you start it manually using telnet/ssh when you reboot the TS-I300?



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