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#1 2007-12-13 16:54:18

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Just quick post about what did happen in last 36h.
Due to server problem and human error (no regular backups, me guilty) we did lost all file based data (sql was not affected which means all forum posts and reply's should be as they where before).

At the moment forum, dns323 wiki and dsm-g600 download section are as fully functioning as they can be. Some pages at dns323 wiki are missing (for example http://wiki.dns323.info/information:dlink_files:102b114 ). I will look them up latter today and restore to the latest available version in wiki revision history.
Also forum user avatars and attachments are all missing. I will leave all broken links untouched for informative purpose so people can re-upload.

DNS-G600 wiki also will be uploaded latter today.

If you find something unusual browsing wiki's or forum pages then please let me know in this topic. Post your report even if this unusual thing looks not important to you.

Thanks for your patients!

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