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#1 2007-11-18 19:33:13

From: Minsk, BY
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ctorrent tracker response?

what does it mean this message??? how to solve this issue? any ideas?

Already/Total: 0/694 (0%)
Listening on
\ 0/0/0 [0/694/0] 0MB,0MB | 0,0K/s | 0,0K E:0,0 Connected
Tracker reponse code >= 400 !!! The file is not registered on this tracker, or it may have been removed. IF YOU SEE THIS MESSAGE FOR A LONG TIME AND DOWNLOAD DOESN'T BEGIN, RECOMMEND YOU STOP NOW!!!

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#2 2007-11-19 00:15:03

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Re: ctorrent tracker response?

It does meant that this torrent you are using is not registered with tracker any more. This happens if some torrents get removed/deleted/updated from tracker.
Just go to your tracker where did you download this torrent and download it again (if its still there).

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